The Sheila Ableman Literary Agency is a friendly and successful agency representing writers of history, science, biography and autobiography, with a particular interest in ghost-writing and TV tie-ins. The agency is no longer taking on new clients.

Books that the agency has represented include Charlotte Uhlenbroek's Animal Life, Walking with Animals and Jungle, Alastair Fothergill's Planet Earth; The Photographs, and Frozen Planet, Bruce Parry's Tribe, Iain Stewart's Earth: The Power of the Planet, and the BBC's The Weakest Link.  Though most celebrity autobiographies cannot be listed for reasons of confidentiality, titles represented include Laid Bare, the autobiography of Gail Porter, and Sold, the extraordinary life of Tess Stevens. 

Sheila Ableman founded the agency in 1999 following a twenty year career in publishing, where she was Editorial Director of BBC Books. Having spent time working as both publisher and agent, she understands how to successfully take an idea from concept to commission. Writers represented by Sheila Ableman benefit from her enthusiasm for their work and an imaginative approach to ensuring the work is placed. The success of the Sheila Ableman Literary Agency has been built on her close working relationship with all authors - and her commitment to helping them fulfil their maximum potential.