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Welcome to our blog about publishing, literary agents, agencies, and all things related! In this blog, we talk about what literary agents do, how they can help up and coming authors, about different publishing houses, and about the UK publishing industry in general. Our posts are aimed mainly at an audience of authors who are looking for ways to get published, those who are thinking of becoming literary agents, and readers who like to learn more about the world of books, writers, and publishing.


The Rich World of Publishing

The layperson’s connection to the literary world used to be limited to books and magazines, and nowadays also to ebooks and other virtual texts. We all know that there are authors who write books and publishing houses which edit and print publications. At the end of the chain, there are bookstores and libraries where one can get the published books. What is more mysterious is everything that goes in between the beginning of the book, the research, the writing, and the editing, to the end; the reading. First, the life of an author is definitely not restricted to merely writing a book and then sending it off to be published. There are thousands of publishing houses in the UK, and choosing the right one can make the difference between a successful book, and a book that is immediately forgotten. And that is assuming that the book ever gets published, which is obviously no mean feat.

The Role of Literary Agents

A literary agent is a middleman between writers and publishing houses. There are pros and cons in using one, as any author will tell you. However, there are practically no cons in having a good literary agent, as any successful author will agree. The world of publishing houses is vast and intimidating, and just to understand how it works and what would be the best publishing house for one’s own work is a task which requires a lot of knowledge and experience. A good agent has that knowledge, experience, and an intuitive understanding of the right publishing house and target audience for a book. But finding the right literary agent is not easy, and often one has to try out several to meet one’s match. In this blog, we talk about what a literary agent can do for an author, and what one can expect of them. Finding a good agent can turn one’s career around, so it is worth considering seriously.