Benefits of Having a Literary Agent

Coming up with a story idea that can be made into a book is exciting. Most authors admit that when they start scribbling and things start shaking up, the biggest challenge always comes when they start asking themselves what next after drafting the book. The reality is that publishing can be complicated, challenging and stressful. There are many tales of people who gave up on their dreams of publishing books simply because they could not figure out how to publish. The trick to smoothen the journey of publishing is getting a literary agent. Some of the benefits of having a literary agent are:

They Negotiate with the Publisher

Think of a literary agent as a link between you and a publisher. The agents handle the business side such as how much profit you can make from a book, the payment details like the percentage you get from the deal, issues around royalties, among others. Ultimately, your agent makes money if you make money, so it is always in their best interest to get you a better deal.

They Link You with Editors

One of the characteristics of well-written books is that they are well edited. You should never underestimate the role of a good editor, no matter how well you think you write. A literary agent links you up with a strong editor and makes sure that your copy is neat. Since most literary agents are experienced, they will be able to match you up with an editor who matches your style and this increases the chances of you being published.

Auction Your Book

Selling a book to a potential publisher is a difficult process since most of them are always getting inquiries from other writers. That is where a literary agent comes in. Their role is to push your book to as many publishers as possible and get you the best publisher who is willing to pay the highest price. The more experienced the agent is, the better deal you are likely to get.

Give You Peace of Mind

Nothing compares to the stress of writing a book and not knowing where to take it. There are many writers who still have what they believe to be gripping page-turners locked in their drawers because they cannot find a publisher or editor. This ends up making them feel like they are losers and it not only injures their self-esteem but also causes them stress that can lead to depression. This is definitely harmful to health. That is why you need a literary agent to relieve that stress by finding you a publisher.

Guide You on the Next Project

Literary agents and agencies always have an idea of what sells more, and how to tweak your book to make more profit. Chances are that they have worked with many more authors and they can use their experience to nudge you on how you should work on your next projects. For instance, they can advise on thematic areas that attract a lot of readership or what you need to improve on based on how previous books have performed in the market.

Handle Events and Marketing

If you are a serious writer, you may want to consider hosting events and doing book tours that will help in marketing your books. Events also help in pushing your brand. A good literary agent will help you handle this by guiding you on how to select the best venue, how to get people to come for your book show and the best tools to use in marketing your books.

Take Care of Television and Film Rights

Never underestimate yourself when it comes to what you can do with your book. Many film and television companies are always looking for the best story that they can turn into a show or movie. Who knows, it could be your book that they are looking for. The thought of having a show created after your book is already overwhelming. Now imagine doing it without someone helping you navigate the legalities. It can rob you of the joy that should come with landing a TV show or film. A literary agent, on the other hand, makes sure you are well represented.